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Handbags We Heart

Shopping for labels, shopping for love.

The perfect fit for every free spirit.

A girl never forgets her first Chanel.

Small and streamlined? Don't mind if we do.

The ultimate hobo bag to own.

These are the ones that will last a lifetime.

Accessorize with geometric art? Don't mind if we do!

What's even more under-the-radar awesome than the PS1? The PS11.

Skater vibes and west coast cool make this one cute carryall.

The mythical god of wine is involved? We're so there.

Nearly 15 years later, we're still obsessed with this iconic accessory.

Prepare to tote-ally fall in love with these chic shoppers.

Meet Faye, Drew's sophisticated yet just as laid back sister.

Get hands-free and happy as can be.