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DIY Acorn Cookies

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Every Thanksgiving, each person in my family is responsible for making a dish for dinner. I look forward to trying a new recipe every year! I am usually responsible for dessert and this year I wanted to do something that was fun and interactive for all the kids. Here is a great DIY for Thanksgiving that everyone in the family can join in!

DIY Cookie Acorns, Two Ways

11 20 cookie 1


  • Nutter Butter bites
  • Belvita bites
  • Baking chocolate
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Chocolate morsels
  • Chocolate kisses

Nutter Butter Acorn Cookies:

1. Separate the Nutter Butter Bites in half (setting the non-frosted halves aside for recipe #2). Add a dollop of chocolate frosting onto the frosted side of the cookie—this frosting is your cookie “glue.”

11 20 cookie 2

2. Place a chocolate kiss onto the dollop of frosting.

11 20 cookie 3

3. Add a small dollop of frosting to the outer side of the Nutter Butter cookie.

11 20 cookie 4

4. Place a chocolate morsel onto the frosting.

11 20 cookie 5

Belvita Acorn Cookies:

1. Follow the instructions on the packaging to melt the baking chocolate.

11 20 cookie 6

2. Crush the leftover Nutter Butter Bites from the previous DIY into cookie crumbles.

11 20 cookie 7

3. Coat the tip of a Belvita Bite with melted chocolate.

11 20 cookie 8

4. Sprinkle Nutter Butter cookie crumbs on top of the melted chocolate, and let set.

11 20 cookie 9

11 20 cookie 10

Happy thanksgiving, everyone!


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