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DIY New Year’s Cards

Style News  /   /  By Nina Louie
Whether you're sending post-Christmas thank you cards  or New Year's cards to celebrate 2013, it's always more fun to make them yourself. You'll need: glitter, glue, foam brushes & spouncers, thick paper, and scissors.Start by folding the paper in half to create your card shape. If tearing from a ringed pad, trim the edge and use it as a stencil for your glitter motif:-Paint the glue over your stencil with a foam brush.-Remove the stencil.-Sprinkle glitter over the glue.-Shake the card clean.Or, create circle-themed cards:-Dip the spouncer into your glue bottle cap.-Dot the glue onto your paper in a cute pattern. Try classic circles and whimsical snail shapes, too.-Sprinkle glitter over the glue. Mix colors to create a pretty ombre effect.-Shake the card clean.
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