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Gift Idea #3: The Cambridge Satchel

Accessories, Handbags We Heart, Listings We Love  /   /  By Nina Louie

Still holiday shopping? Don’t worry, we’re with you. And as long as you don’t panic or resort to rash decisions, you’ll be fine. The way we see it, you have two options:

1. Reach deep for inspiration. Set aside time to meditate on each person individually and let your ideas rise to the surface—they’re in there!

2. Or…turn to a can’t-miss idea like the Cambridge Satchel. Man or woman, function- or fashion-minded, this bag does it all. Hit the right note with your size and color choice and you’re sure to elicit pure glee. Best part? Even though it looks so smart and chic, it’s super well-priced for a handbag—especially on eBay. Shop it now.


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