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On Our Radar: Ace & Jig

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Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson are the brilliant and immensely creative minds behind Ace & Jig, who met in 1999 as fashion interns with a mutual adoration of antique textiles. Ten years later, the duo started Ace & Jig and a “textile love story” commenced. Filled with boxy tops, can’t-miss one-pieces, pretty dresses, and wide-leg pants, the notable beauty of each collection lies in the several intricate fabrics they design each season. You’d be hard-pressed to find an item that doesn’t make full and strategic use of the signature stripe for which Ace & Jig is known.

The deliciously colorful and unique pieces begin their journey in India, where textile specialists weave the brand’s signature fabrics using ancient wooden hand looms. These stunning creations are the result of Cary and Jenna’s painstaking attention to detail—each year, they travel to India several times to oversee the weaving process and collaborate with their beloved team of artisans.

Believe us, Ace & Jig pieces are the kinds of layers you want to live in every day and could easily be passed down from grandmothers to mothers, mothers to daughters, and daughters to granddaughters. There is a warm, familial vibe to every item, and it’s no wonder a cult followings of gals collect and cherish several pieces from each season (see #aceandjig, #aceandjiglove, and #aceandjigstack on Instagram for more).

Cary and Jenna design with the intent to wear skirts over dresses over tops, mix & match colors, and combine new items from season’s past—a magpie-ish, uber-layered look is the brand’s telltale aesthetic. Afraid to clash? Don’t be. It’s the constant stripe woven through the Ace & Jig narrative that ensures each piece plays nicely with one another.

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