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On Our Radar: H&M Studio

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ICYMI, fashion week is going through a bit of an identity crisis. So much so, in fact, that The Boston Consulting Group was called on to formally evaluate and propose potential solutions to the issues facing the most notorious and revered events of the fashion calendar. (Here’s a PDF for you to geek out over if you’re as inclined as we are.) With all the experimentation designers are employing in order to attempt to cater to consumers’ increasing desire for instant gratification, make collections available to shop before they succumb to social media fatigue, and close the gap between the disconnect that comes with seeing clothes in February on the runway that we can’t wear until the fall, it’s been pretty clearly spelled out that fashion houses either evolve or become irrelevant to us shoppers.


Twice yearly seasonless genderless collections, making a few runway pieces or entire collections available to shop in stores and online immediately after shows, and foregoing runway shows altogether are some of the techniques currently being tested by designers. Among those attempting to keep up, fast fashion brand H&M is striving for even faster fashion. This year, H&M’s Studio label will be showing spring ’17 items during Paris Fashion Week in March. And yes, the pieces will be available as soon as the last look reaches the end of the runway. If this upcoming “see now, buy now” collection is anything like the bold, tailored components we’ve seen from the brand in the past, we’ll be among the first in line. Bookmark H&M Studio on eBay now!


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