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Shoe of the Week: Gucci Peyton Loafer

Ever since Alessandro Michele’s brand takeover in 2015, Gucci has launched into a league of its own, gaining not just street cred but serious cult status. Not that you need more evidence of this, but if you take a peek into any top blogger’s wardrobe, chances are you’ll find a pair of these pearl-studded Gucci loafers. Like raw hemmed jeans and oversized sleeves, these shoes reached cult status almost immediately.

gucci peyton 3The beauty of these particular Guccis (Guccies?) is that you can wear them year round. Okay, so maybe you’ll have to avoid snow and slush puddles. But, on dry winter days, you can rock them with your favorite jeans and chunky layers. Or, do like all the bloggers on the gram, and wear them with fishnet ankle socks, another big winter footwear trend. In spring, these loafers’ll look great with a little black dress on a breezy summer night.

gucci peyton 1Safe to say, these shoes are at the top of every fashion girl’s wish list. So if Santa doesn’t pull through this year, head to eBay to treat yourself.

gucci peyton 2To see more of the chicest shoes on eBay, click here.

gucci peyton 4

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