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Shoe of the Week: Isabel Marant Gail Cholita Sandal

It’s tough to put a finger on exactly why we’re so taken with these Isabel Marant sandals, which are visually implied to be and in our opinions, on fire. Maybe it’s because they’re the rebellious cousin to our favorite ugly sandal. Maybe it’s because they’re like a breath of fresh air amid a sea of spitting image street style. Or maybe it’s because this look takes a whole boatload of confidence to pull off—and we respect that daring bravery like woah. This was a big risk, but we think the reward was well deserved.

3 23 marant 1

Isabel Marant isn’t one to play inside the lines. Remember the infamous wedge sneakers of 2012? Those were Isabel Marant. Remember the H&M collaboration that broke the internet in 2013? That was Isabel Marant. Five out of 10 classic booties you’ve ever coveted have probably been Isabel Marant. Chances are if Parisian boho chic princess is your aesthetic, you’re likely an Isabel Marant fan.

3 23 marant 3

Yes, there’s a lot going on here: four differently colored flame-shaped swatches dancing across the sandal, including a mix of metallic and snakeskin effect treatments, but dare we say, simply add an anklet and call it a successful day? Tell us if you’re feeling this hot hot hot spotted on the street shoe in a comment!

3 23 marant 5

3 23 marant 4

3 23 marant 6

3 23 marant 7

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