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Shoe of the Week: Puma Basket Hearts

Nothing says spring like a fresh pair of sneakers. But the fact that they’re trending so hard means the market is completely oversaturated. There are way too many sneaker choices out there, and it can be hard to pick the perfect pair. Luckily, that’s where we come in.


Look no further than the Puma Basket Heart. Comfortable, feminine, and versatile—these stylish sneakers combine classic Puma style with high-fashion flair.puma2

In the ’60s, the Basket was one of Puma’s most popular basketball shoes. Adopted by the hip-hop set in the ’70s, the Basket was one of the original shoes to spark the cultural phenomenon that is the hip-hop sneaker craze.puma3Fast forward to today and this iconic shoe has gotten a fanciful upgrade. With patent leather details and big girlie laces, the latest version is a favorite among Instagram “it” girls. And we can see why. Cartoonishly cute, stylish yet simple, you can wear Puma Basket Hearts with just about anything—from your favorite jeans to a little black dress. Get yours here.


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