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Simple & Cozy

Influencers, Persons of Interest  /   /  By Nina Louie

Whenever the holiday season rolls around, I find myself alternating between sparkly festive outfits for evening soirees and cozy, muted looks for around the house. As unfortunately cold as it may be outside, I can’t deny how nice it feels to throw on a chunky knit sweater and worn in pair of jeans for reading by the fire or decorating the Christmas tree with my family. And each season, I find that there are one to two sweaters that essentially become my second skin. I wear them until they are either covered in stains, begin to smell, or start to fall apart one thread at a time—and even then it’s debatable. This year my sweater of choice has been this creamy cozy knit complete with suede elbow patches and a three buttons along the neckline. And while I’ve found that it goes with just about everything, I haven’t been able to resist pairing it with similarly soft color tones like these grey jeans that have been with me through multiple snowstorms, despite being everything but a snow boot. It may not be the most exciting of outfits, but between all the bright and sparkly ensembles that come with the holidays, it’s nice to have something simple and comfortable to slip into when you’re just hanging out at home…eating cookies.


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