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Wanted: Clip-On Sunglasses

Accessories, Most Wanted, What's Trending  /   /  By Ashley Mariano

Just because temperatures have fallen doesn’t mean it’s not bright outside. Banks of winter snow can sometimes create such a glare that you need shades just as desperately as you did in summer. But you may find your poolside pairs don’t fit the bill just now. Certain styles are better suited to be worn with winter’s moody capes and boots and brooches than others.

10 30 clip on sunglasses 5

Enter the top trend in sunglasses this cool-weather season: the clip-on look. First there are the actual clip-ons by brands like Freyrs (great deal!) and Tom Ford (splurge worthy). And then there’s a host of faux clip-on styles by the likes of Illesteva and Dior, where all the interest lies in new metallic details along the “brow bar.”

10 30 clip on sunglasses 1

Far from minimalist, many of the cool-girl styles are round and futuristic. Mirrored lenses take this trend to the next level and we totally approve.

10 30 clip on sunglasses 6

Would you wear them? If not, what are your favorite cool-season shades?

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