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What to Wear to New York Fashion Week

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During New York Fashion Week, the real show happens outside the venue. That’s where editors, models, and social media darlings start trends with one-of-a-kind outfits, surprising color combinations, or, to put it simply, unexpected everything. And if you’re a lucky attendee of the shows, the pressure is on high alert to bring your fashion A-game. But no need to agonize over what you’ll wear to wow them this year. Scroll below for six stylish looks that’ll be sure to get you street styled at NYFW (or the runway right outside your door!).

1. Eye-Catching Classics

Take it from us, you don’t have to wear an outlandish outfit to turn heads. Chic basics and a pop of green are all you need to make a statement.

2. Double Trouble

Pattern-on-pattern is always a street style success. Sticking to three colors prevents your look from being too over the top.

3. Downtown Girl

Embrace your edgy side with black & white & lots of leather. Want bonus style points? Wear your jacket “editor style”, i.e., draped over your shoulders.

4. Easy Does It

Sometimes the best outfits are the simplest ones. A cozy shirtdress and extra cool accessories exude an aura of effortlessness that gathers all the right attention.

5. Not Your Average

The iconic ’90s jeans-and-a-tee ensemble has hustled a major comeback this year. Take it to the next level with killer accessories.

6. Go Bold

A fearless bag can totally transform an outfit. Rock a statement shade and wear it with a cool shirtdress and sleek boots.

Want more NYFW inspiration? We’re on it. Click here to see what else we’ve spotted.


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