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11 Beautiful Ruby Jewels for Your July Baby BFF

If you were born in July, then “Baby, you’re a firework,” and you deserve to have the rocks that you got represent the firecracker-red hot love, health, wisdom, integrity, confidence, and strength that are traditionally attributed to babes born in this summer month. Legend has it that rocking ruby red jewels possesses the power to bring good fortune and good luck to the savvy stylista who chooses to accessorize herself with these bright and regal gems. So whether you’re celebrating a birthday this month (Happy birthday, dear reader!) or looking for something special to gift a gal pal that’s not the traditional candle or equally predictable tchotchke, take a look at 11 of the best ruby jewelry listings we discovered on eBay, and eat your heart out (after cake, of course!).

7 13 rubies 2

1. Silver, Gold, or Rose Plated Round Ruby Stud Earrings, $12.99

7 13 rubies 1

2. Ruby Gemstone Sterling Silver Ring, $29.99

7 13 rubies 3

3. Ruby & Topaz Sterling Silver Snake Ring, $33.00

7 13 rubies 11

4. Ruby & White Sapphire Sterling Silver Pendant, $69.00

7 13 rubies 10

5. Ruby, Emerald, Iolite & Diamond Earrings, $14,264.00

7 13 rubies 5

6. 18K Yellow Gold Pave Diamond & Ruby Panther Necklace, $14,500.00

7 13 rubies 13

7. Ruby & Diamond Necklace Set in 18K White & Rose Gold, $24,500.00

7 13 rubies 12

8. 18K White Gold Diamond & Ruby Necklace, $31,250.00

7 13 rubies 6

9. Ruby & Diamond Flamingo Brooch, $35,000.00

7 13 rubies 8

10. 22k Yellow Gold Handmade Ruby Choker, $79,009.00

7 13 rubies 14

11. Ruby & Diamond Platinum Ring, $352,000.00

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