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The Best Accessories to Boost Your Prom Dress

“Will you go to prom with me?” Those are the seven little words you’ve been waiting to hear since your freshman year of high school when you’d watch and listen to the older girls gabbing about where they were going shopping for dresses, what color corsage they wanted, and how they were going to do their hair. Now, it’s finally your time.

Going to prom is an American tradition. And though the focus of the night is always on the dress, it’s actually only one piece of the prom pie.

For the night when curfews are broken, limos cruise into the small hours of the morning, and dreams come true, make it an outfit you’ll always remember.

1. Killer shoes. If the girl wears the dress, then the shoes wear the girl. A pair of perfect heels can make or break any outfit. Even the simplest dress becomes a stunner when you’re strutting in Jimmy Choos. Just be sure you can dance in them.

2. Stunning eyebrows. Just like a killer pair of shoes can make an entire outfit, a stunning pair of eyebrows can make your entire face. World-renowned eyebrow guru Anastasia has a kit that will help you perfect your eyebrows for the night.

3. A leather moto jacket. Forget wearing a pashmina around your shoulders. This isn’t your mother’s prom. Rock a model-off-duty, grungy girly moto jacket with your dress. Then you won’t need to worry about borrowing your date’s jacket and ruining your whole look.

4. A tiara. Even if you aren’t going to be named Prom Queen there’s no reason that you can’t dazzle your date — and the room— with a tiara of your own. Crown yourself with any one of these headdresses.

5. A bow tie for your guy. It’s common practice to buy your date a boutonniere— perhaps a carnation pinned to the lapel of his jacket that winds up somewhere on the dance floor. Up the prom ante and make your date your best accessory by getting him a bow tie that matches your dress.

6. Statement ear cuffs. If you plan on wearing your hair back and simple, an ear cuff is a striking alternative to those heirloom pearls mom is offering.

7. A delicate vintage watch. Look, your parents know that you’re going to break curfew. Tiptoeing into the house as the sun comes up is prom tradition, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your eye on the time. A feminine, Art Deco watch that will look lovely next to your corsage. Although you’ll have to come up with an excuse other than, “I lost track of time.”

8. Temporary metallic body tattoos. If you’re a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, why wear it at all? Shine on with the latest beauty trend that won’t leave you worrying about decking yourself in jewels. Plus, you won’t lose anything on the dance floor (or  at the after-party).

9. A catch-all clutch. Don’t get carried away. A simple clutch to hold your ticket, your cell phone, and a lipgloss is all you need. Like a Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in whatever color best compliments your dress.

10. Disposable cameras for all! This might not elevate the dress, but it will elevate your night. Plus it will give you something to look forward to when the night has been danced and done. Buy a pack of ten and hand one out to all of your best friends. The excitement around getting photos developed is almost as exciting as the night itself. Almost.


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