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10 Need-Now Nineties Fashion Staples

Rumors of a Spice Girls reunion tour. Reboots and revivals of TV shows like Will and Grace and Roseanne. The tireless drive with which supermodel Bella Hadid is campaigning for the resurgence of a few of our very favorite street style fashion trends from the ‘90s.

It turns out—nostalgia has greater staying power than any of us ever dreamed possible! And perhaps certain things just seemed easier two decades prior, when the only things our phones offered were Snake to pass the time and predictive text. 

Maybe today’s fashion fans—and our modern culture at large—are merely searching for a coping technique that’s simpler and easier to understand. Let’s find solace, take a break from IG scrolling, and celebrate 10 of the very best fashion contributions from the esteemed 1990s.

1. Slip Dresses


2. Logo T-shirts


3. Belt Bags


4. Platform Sandals


5. Mini Backpacks


6. Slim Sunglasses


7. Sheer Long Sleeve Shirts


8. Spaghetti Tanks and Dresses Worn over Simple White Shirts


9. All Adidas All Day

10. Kitten Heels

See what else is trending: on the slopes, the streets, and the places in between.

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