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How Cool Was Your Mom Before She Had You?

Apparel, Most Wanted, What's Trending  /   /  By Nina Louie

You’ve come to think of her as the woman who gives you the best birthday gifts and makes the yummiest lasagna. But just one peek into your mom’s old photo albums proves she was a whole lot cooler than you might’ve imagined when she was young.

She was so cool even, that her younger self would easily pass as a hipster today. A totally authentic Dodge-driving, coffee-swilling, vintage-sunglass-wearing, backpack-toting hipster. How can you tell for sure that your mom fit the bill? Here are 10 dead giveaways:

1. She’s been rocking concert tees for decades. Her soft, well-worn Fleetwood Mac, Rumors tee puts Urban Outfitters‘ and Isabel Marant’s collections to shame.

2. She made mom jeans look good. You would do anything to have her old high-waisted Levi’s—but they’re long gone like so many other wardrobe gems you see in her old photo albums.

3. She quit her job to bicycle across Europe with her girlfriends. It was all part of living in a simpler time—and it was incredibly girl-powerful and cool.

4. She still sends postcards. She stands by the beauty of cursive and foreign stamps. You have a secret collection of the notes she has sent.

5. She listens to mix tapes. Sure, she has an iPhone. But her tapes have been playing in the car for years. Why fix what’s not broken?

6. She’s been into reusable bags forever. Waaaaay before going green was trendy, tote bags were her thing. It used to embarrass you, but now you make excuses to snag bags from her inadvertently cool collection.

7. She knows every Beatles song. Even the obscure ones. Your favorites are the ones she sings to herself without realizing it.

8. She’s always been analog. Francoise Hardy. The Bee Gees. Her vinyl collection would fetch a handsome sum on eBay—probably from some young hipster.

9. She rides a Bianchi bike. It’s hanging on the wall in the garage. When you were a kid it almost seemed like art because you admired it so much.

10. She takes the best pictures. She never needed a filter to make her photos look amazing. That picture of her on the beach in Sardinia? Her hair parted in the middle, sunglasses on her nose, and rocking Marimekko stripes? It’s better than any Instagram photo you’ve ever snapped.

Still not sure if your mom makes the cut? Read our guide for a better idea.

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