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5 Luxury Handbags That Will Never Go Out of Style

Turns out that James Dean daydream look in your eye and that red lip classic thing that you like aren’t the only things that never go out of style. Today we’re talking luxury handbags that will literally last a lifetime. When’s the last time something was that reliable, standing up to your active lifestyle and never missing a beat or compromising quality? We’ll bet it’s not one of those trendy backpacks or slouchy boho bags that’s had your back for years at a time. We’re talking long term today. Nothing that you’re just testing the waters with, or taking for a test spin. Not the boy you’ll be over in two weeks, not the apartment you’re renting in the hip part of town. No, we’re talking soul mate and real estate investment level of commitment.

We’re talking about the bags you fall in love with at a department store or boutique and literally never stop loving for decades to come. These are the bags featuring smooth, rich, buttery leather and exquisite metallic details. These are the bags that come with intricate linings and dust bags more luxurious than your tote bags. These handbags offer structure that’ll hold up against every activity you take on, and offer well thought out zipper pouches and compartments for the keys and phone you’ll never fish for again. Investing in your first luxury handbag is pivotal to becoming a woman. It’s a rite of passage. An experience you will never forget. Below find five of the most iconic and timeless bags we’re fussing over, hard.

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1. Louis Vuitton Speedy

True logo’d love since 1932.

9 7 falabella

2. Stella McCartney Falabella

PETA approved perfection.

4 28 saint laurent

3. Saint Laurent Shopping Tote

The everyday, wear everywhere bag you’ll definitely be passing on to your heir.

9 7 ps1 proenza

4. Proenza Schouler PS1

Leandra Medine’s first major investment bag, so, you know it’s worth it.

9 8 chanel 255

5. Chanel 2.55

DUH. It’s the O.G. of luxury handbags. Quit trying to deny that there’s any other way to inaugurate your collection.

To see more handbags we heart, click here.

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