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5 Sneaker-Related Accessories Every Sneakerhead Should Own

Featured, Sneaker Picks  /   /  By Nick Engvall

Sneakers have become incredibly popular over the past decade. With that popularity has come a lot of opportunity for entrepreneurs to get creative and start businesses capitalizing on the craze. This has lead to some unique ways to care for your sneakers, display your prized collector pieces, and represent your passion for kicks with artwork and accessories of all sorts. To see what we’re talking about, check these 5 Sneaker Related Accessories Every Sneakerhead Should Own.

5 26 sneaker accessories

Whether you call them sneakers, trainers, kicks, or creps, keeping your collectible footwear clean is always a priority. Crep Protect is one of the best in the business when it comes to cleaners and protectants for your sneakers. The combo pack features quick wipes to take on the go, protectant to keep the rain and stains away, plus cleaner and a brush for those tougher dirt marks.

5 26 sneakers accessories 2

When you need to display pride in your passion for sneakers but just wearing them won’t do, sneaker keychains can do the work. There’s nothing better than talking sneakers with a newfound friend who shares your enthusiasm for collecting, and nothing strikes up the conversation better than the freshest sneakers, even if they’re on your keychain.

5 26 sneaker accessories 3

You never know when you’re going to need a way to transfer music, movies, and other data from one place to another and with these Jordan Retro USB Flash Drives, you can do it in style. Why use a boring memory stick when you can have Jordan 1s in your pocket or backpack.

5 27 sneaker accessories 4

Drop front shoe boxes are the best way to store your sneakers in an organized way. Plus the they are transparent, which means you can see exactly what pair you are looking for. No more knocking over stacks of sneakers and digging through half crushed boxes to find the perfect pair for your day.


5 27 sneaker accessories 5

Every sneakerhead can relate to needing to take plenty of shoes on a weekend getaway. You don’t want to be stuck wearing the same sneakers and that’s just one reason why every collector should have a sneaker bag. Shrine Co. makes cases that are designed with sneakerheads in mind; the bags feature clever compartments to make packing your sneakers way more efficient than cramming them all into an already crowded suitcase.

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