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5 Super Common Makeup Mistakes

Beauty, DIY  /   /  By Nina Louie

It’s the type of thing even your closest friend might not tell you because it’s just too embarrassing: your concealer is the wrong color and it’s actually spotlighting the blemishes on your chin. That’s why we’re sharing the top 5 most common makeup mistakes today. Tomorrow morning, your task is simple: walk outside with your mirror and triple-check your makeup in the natural light. It’s the best way to avoid these beauty faux pas.

Mistake #1. Your foundation is the wrong color. This is an easy-to-make all-too-common mistake, especially if you’re not in the habit of updating your shade with the changing of the seasons. In winter you’ll probably need a paler color than in summer. So remember to test several shades near your jawline and neck several times a year. The right shade will disappear completely into your skin without giving you an allover tan.

Mistake #2. Your eyebrows are under- or over-tweezed. This is an easy trap to fall into—you might have started out taming bushy brows and ended up with a barely-there look over time. We recommend enlisting the help of a brow-bar expert to cultivate the most flattering color and shape for your face. But if you’re set on tending to them yourself, the trick is to keep it simple with these three rules of thumb—and set down the tweezers sooner than later:

-Pluck only the hairs that stray from your natural outline.

-To find your length: hold a pencil vertically next to your nose, and tweeze the hairs that touch it.

-To find your arch: hold a pencil vertically at the outer corner of your eye and thin the underside of your brow in this spot.

Mistake #3. Your lip liner is too dark. There are a ton of reasons to use lip liner: it keeps your lipstick from bleeding into the rest of your makeup, it makes your lips look bigger, and it makes your lip color wear longer. The key is to choose a shade that’s neutral or that matches your lipstick perfectly. Whatever you do, avoid a too-dark shade—this will create an unflattering outline around your mouth in no time at all.

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