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5 Tips to Keep Your Sneakers Looking Fresh

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Today our guest bloggers are the sneaker experts at Highsnobiety.

When aiming to keep your sneakers looking fresh, there are a few things to consider. For upkeep, stock up on cleaning tools so you can respond appropriately in a ketchup or mustard-incurred emergency. Also, for solidifying your reputation as a sneaker tastemaker, eBay offers a nearly unrivaled archive of deadstock joints.


1. Toothbrush

If you like the OG method as well as the Drake approach – “still scrub Js with a toothbrush” – bulk buying could be your friend. eBay makes it easy to invest in a 12-pack. Pro tip: revive your dirty white Vans with extra-whitening toothpaste. Buy here.

trophy case

2. Trophies

Sure, you have a handful of kicks in your regular rotation, but there are also those special ones that remind you of a certain time or you paid an arm & a leg for. Those stay here. Buy here.

shoe cleaner

3. Jason Markk

Numerous generic brands of shoe cleaner exist, but Jason Markk recently claimed a large chunk of the market with his well-branded and extremely effective cleaning fluid and accompanying product line. Buy here.

magic eraser

4. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Don’t underestimate Mr. Clean’s sneaker cleaning power. Buy here.

nike 1985

5. Archives

It goes without saying, if you missed the drop at your local retailer or if you’re searching for a grail sneaker that released before you were born like the OG Nike Air Jordan Is from 1985, eBay probably has it, and slowly the site has become synonymous with sneaker re-selling. Really, that’s the #1 tip. Buy here.

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