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7 Insanely Expensive Jewels

Among some of the most amazing treasures on eBay are 7 insanely expensive jewels hailing from the far corners of the earth. Every single item on the list is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand—yet the prices rate as high as $950K. It is super interesting to read about these little gems and to understand what makes each one so special—and so outrageously expensive. But we’re all about getting the look for less, so we matched the 7 insanely expensive jewels to 7 easily affordable lookalikes. The best part? Our picks are more wearable, too! See for yourself:

3 3 1 jade dragon

1. Dragon Qing Dynasty Jade, $950,600. Kenneth Jay Lane Dragon Brooch, $79.99.

3 3 2 diaspore ring

2. Color Change Diaspore-Musiem Gem, $375,000. Fancy Quartz Ring, $290.

3 3 3 raw druzy

3. Natural Sapphire, $250,000. Raw Amethyst Druzy Ring, $18.75.

3 3 4 emerald

4. Colombian Emerald, $240, 000. Natural Emerald Doublet Ring, $169.

3 3 5 mala pearls

5. Giant Melo Pearl, $200, 000. Tibetan Amber Beads Bracelet, $10.80.

3 3 6 sapphires

6.Kashmir-Origin Sapphire, $197,050. Kate Spade Chandelier Earrings, $99.99.

3 3 7 opals

7. Australian Opal, $89,300. Australian Opal Bangle Bracelet, $830.

Did you like our lookalike picks? To learn more about our inspiration—the top 7 insanely expensive jewels on eBay—read our guide.


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  1. SILUMTAO March 17, 2015 at 6:01 PM

    Very interesting! Would you have knowledge of the Mexican fire opal?? This is a subject up till now I was alone in. For awhile now I to have been searching for gems – lab manufactured or otherwise. Of course I am always concerned with finding reliable manufacturers with consistent grade output. Well done, thank you eBay for continuing to inspire us – your clients and associates.

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