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7 Workout Essentials to Fuel Your New Fitness Routine

New year, new you. While we know a gym membership and a green juice won’t transform you into a health guru overnight, the right fitness gear and accessories will keep you motivated all year round—so you can keep that resolution intact. Before you hit the gym, stock up on these seven essentials to make the most out of every workout.

workout essentials nike roshe

  1. Versatile Sneakers

A good workout starts with a good sneaker. And the Nike Roshe Run does it all. Lightweight, versatile, and durable—it’s perfect for pretty much any type of workout. Flexible enough for your Zumba dance class. Sturdy enough for hitting the track. Comfortable enough for lifting weights. It’s the everything sneaker. Plus, it’s extremely stylish. So you can rock it both in and out of the gym.

workout essentials adidas

2. A Good Gym Bag

A gym bag can make or break your workout commute. And while there are a lot of great options out there, the adidas Squad Duffel does it all. With roomy storage and specialized compartments, this duffel keeps everything in order, so you’re not a girl flinging shoes in the air while digging through your bag trying to find your keys. It’s also mesh lined and ventilated, so it won’t smell like the gym.


3. Wireless Ear Buds

Music is an essential part of any work out. It’s energizing, motivating, and sets the mood. And whether you’re doing springs on a treadmill, downward dog on a yoga mat, or tackling your third rep of squats—the last thing you need is to get tangled in your iPod cables. With the NuForce BE6i wireless ear buds, you can use Bluetooth to rock out to your favorite tunes hands-free.


4. Quality Threads

They say you should dress for the job you want—and the gym is no different. Even if you’re a workout newbie, you can dress like a pro in Bandier. This new boutique brand of activewear has quickly become a celebrity favorite. (Kim Kardashian and top style bloggers are rocking it from the gym to the streets!) Not only will you look and feel amazing in your super chic gear, you’ll be more motivated to work out.


5. A Filtered Water Bottle

When you’re getting your sweat on, you gotta stay hydrated. So a top-notch water bottle is essential. Instead of wasting dollars every day buying Evian at the gym, pick up a reusable bobble. With a built in filter, you can refill anywhere without worrying about the quality of water you’re drinking. Bonus: it comes in lots of cute colors!


6. A Fitness Watch

While something of a new trend in the gym world, a sports watch is quickly becoming a workout essential. We love the Fitbit Surge for it’s sleek design and handy features. It’s got a built-in GPS in case you get lost on your run. Plus, a heart rate monitor and automatic activity tracker help keep you in check. And a touch screen interface beams all your smartphone notifications straight to your wrist. Talk about modern conveniences!


7. Vegan Protein Powder

Contrary to popular belief, refueling on protein after a workout won’t turn you into a body builder. It will actually help you slim down and get toned. We will spare you the scientific explanation, but eating (or drinking) protein after a workout will kickstart your metabolism. And who doesn’t want that? The sooner you refuel, the better. Nutritionists say you shouldn’t wait longer than 30 minutes post-workout. But since you probably don’t want to immediately run to a restaurant and scarf down some protein, pack a healthy plant-based powder like Vega for a protein-packed shake. Just add water! You’ll be surprised just how good it tastes.

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