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8 Halloween Costume Ideas from Your Own Closet

Apparel, DIY  /   /  By Ashley Mariano

Wow, October sprang on us pretty fast this year and that means Halloween is just around the corner. Here are eight costume ideas you can whip up with items from your own home or a quick eBay search:

10 27 mary poppins

1. Mary Poppins

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Dress like the lovable nanny from the Disney classic with staples that are probably in your closet already. Have a crisp white shirt, black A-line skirt, and black accessories on hand? That’s what we thought. Top off the look with a red bowtie and belt. And work a little DIY magic by adding a few flowers to your hat.

10 27 amelia earhart

2. Amelia Earhart

As one of the first female pilots, Amelia paved the way for many women. So pay homage to this aviation pioneer by way of Halloween. The shearling bomber jacket and aviator goggles are the key pieces. Remember to keep your outfit firmly entrenched in earthy tones. And clip on an airline wings pin if you have it on hand.

10 27 wednesday addams

3. Wednesday Addams

Ditch your pearly white smile for the night and make your face pale by using a lighter foundation. This look is all about the braids and the dress. Just add a white collar to your go-to LBD, and finish the look off with some creepers for extra style and spook.

10 27 minions

4. Minion

This costume will be a big hit with the kiddies. The yellow worker bees from Despicable Me are equal parts adorable and silly. Plus, this costume is the perfect excuse to show off the overalls trend. If you have time, glue a couple of black pipe cleaners to the top of your yellow beanie to get the spiky bald minion look.

10 27 rosie riveter

5. Rosie the Riveter 

Although she’s not an actual person, Rosie represented the plight for a woman’s right to work and we can totally get behind that. With a classic chambray shirt, skinny jeans, black heels, and a red lip, this costume might be the easiest of the bunch. Youtube a rockabilly hairdo and pin a red bandana on top. Be prepared to show off your guns all night in the classic Rosie pose.

10 27 daria

6. Daria

Bring this 90’s cult classic character back to life just for one night. We’re pretty sure you own an army jacket, black skater skirt, and combat boots. All you really need to practice is your eye roll and other various expressions of complete and utter disdain for other human beings.

10 27 sandy

7. Sandy O

This classic costume is always a hit at parties because it never goes out of style. We chose to the channel the “bad” Sandy look after her makeover from the Pink Ladies. The two key pieces of this outfit are the leather jacket and off-the-shoulder top (check our older posts for more ideas to wear the jacket and the top after Halloween). Fingers crossed you’ll find your own Danny Zuko this weekend.

10 27 margot

8. Margot Tenenbaum

This last costume is one of our favorites. Wes Anderson’s famed Royal Tenebaums is a film we love to re-watch over and over again. To get the look you’ll need a whole lot of eyeliner and sophisticated sass. The hardest part of this costume is probably finding a good (faux or vintage) fur coat. We hate to brag, but there are some pretty awesome listings right here on eBay.


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