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All About Hermès

Accessories, Most Wanted, What's Trending  /   /  By Nina Louie

“On my 30th birthday, my mom gave me a silk Hermès scarf. It was silver and gray with a beautiful snow leopard illustration—a mother and her cubs. Before that, I had never realized how gorgeous Hermès scarves really are. I’d always thought of the old French brand as just that—old, French, maybe a bit conservative with horse motifs running through all their collections. It turns out you do see saddles and buckles and horse bits in their designs, but so much of what they’re doing is more psychedelic than stuffy. They’re often dismissed as “classic” (read: boring), but take a second look… A lot of their jewelry is chunky, colorful, and fun. I love the strange, kaleidoscopic, dreamlike visions on their scarves best.” – Nina, Social Editor

Get the look:

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