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Beach Essentials

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It’s that time of year again: so sunny that every weekend practically begs for an adventure. It’s tough to beat the simplest plan: hit the beach! But proper prep can mean the difference between an uneventful outing and an absolute blast.  We love Kandee Johnson’s guide to getting ready for the beach. She’s all about your body—how to prep your skin for sun, what sort of makeup to wear, and how to apply it—plus, what to bring in your bag, what swimsuit trends to embrace, and more. It’s kind of awesome how she’s done all the work! From the best self-tanner to the best mascara and nude lipstick to the best soothing products to use on your hair—she has it all figured out. All you have to do is follow her lead! Watch her video, check her easy-to-shop cheat sheet, and start planning your beachy weekend!

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