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Wanted: Chanel Handbags

Between Chanel Chanel and Lagerfeld Chanel, Mademoiselle locks and Interlocked “C” Logo locks, 2.55 Reissue bags and Classic Flap bags, decoding the intricacies of arguably the most famous and recognizable symbols of status and style takes a near PhD.

We’ve done the research and put in the time (Uncle Karl, you can drop our honorary degree in the mail!) to surface the best seven Chanel handbag styles on eBay right now, so consider this cheat sheet your early holiday gift and prepare to discover the next iconic piece of arm candy your collection desperately needs.

6 19 chanel travel

1. Chanel Travel Line Handbags. There are nearly 175 Travel Line satchels and shoulder bags on eBay right now. Consider these cube patterned pieces one half of your allowed carry-ons. Now boarding!

6 19 blue rabbit chanel

2. Chanel Rabbit Fur Handbags. Whether neutral tones or bright blues are your thing, there’s currently one of 15 Chanel rabbit fur handbags with your name on it on eBay today.

6 19 silver reissue

3. Chanel 2.55 Reissue Wallets and Handbags. These are the iconic bags featuring rectangular “Mademoiselle” locks, referring to Coco’s unmarried status. The handles on Reissue bags are all chain, no leather. Bear with us while we attempt to sort out the 2.55/Classic Flap/Reissue story.

1955: The 2.55 was released in February 1955 (makes sense, right?) and features the Mademoiselle lock, which was originally designed by Coco herself.

1980s: In the ‘80s, Karl Lagerfeld replaced the Mademoiselle lock with interlocking “C”s in Coco’s honor. This style is the Classic Flap.

2005: Production of the 2.55 stopped some time after the birth of the Classic Flap. The 2.55 was reintroduced to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This bag is the Reissue 2.55.

Now here’s where it gets tricky. Are you still with us? Reissue should technically be reserved for 2005 bags, however (because life can’t ever be that simple), fashion aficionados use the term Reissue to refer to all bags resembling the 2.55—1955 and 2005 versions. Whew! Thanks for hanging in there. We hope that helps!

6 19 chanel wallet

4. Chanel Quilted Leather Zip Around Wallets. Right now on eBay, there are about 26 of these wallets, which will secure your debit, credit, Starbucks, Zipcar, and ID cards in the most sophisticated way possible.

6 19 chanel fanny pack 5

5. Chanel Quilted Leather Belt Handbags. Handbags for your belt? Yes, we’re talking about fanny packs, and yes, they’re totally back, along with slip dresses and mini backpacks (Thanks, Cher Horowitz!). This is the farthest-from-clueless way to go hands free this season. For a modern take on this trend, wear your belt bag slightly to the side.

6 19 chanel double flap

6. Chanel Quilted Classic Double Flap Bags. These are the Classic Flap bags introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in the ‘80s, and there are currently about 28 on eBay right now. Ready, set, shop!

6 19 chanel tote 7

7. Chanel Leather Tote HandbagsThere are currently 180 options for chicly carrying your smartphone, pressed powder, lip color, mints, hand sanitizer, and mini hand lotion from your favorite Hawaiian hotel whose scent immediately whisks you back to sandy beaches and ocean breezes.

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