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DIY Destructed Denim

Apparel, DIY, Featured  /   /  By Aimee Santos

My first job in the fashion industry was as a denim designer. I learned so much about denim through that experience, and it has since been my favorite material for DIY tutorials. Here, I show you how to give your jeans a unique, distressed feel. It’s an instant on-trend update you will love.

9 7 denim 6



1. Try on your jeans. Then, lightly mark the areas you would like to distress with a few stacked horizontal lines. One trick is to find inspiration online and try to replicate those same frayed patterns.

9 7 denim 7

2. Place a piece of cardboard inside the pant leg, under the area you have marked. Using a box cutter, slice along the horizontal lines you have marked. Then, throw your jeans in the washing machine (following the instructions on the care tag). Once clean, toss ’em in the dryer.

9 7 denim 8

3. Using tweezers, pull the vertical fibers in the distressed areas. This will give the distressing a more natural look.

9 7 denim 9

9 7 denim 3

9 7 denim 2

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