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DIY Floral Cones

DIY, Featured, Home  /   /  By Aimee Santos

For Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other gifting occasion, I wanted to create an easy to follow DIY that you can gift your loved ones. If you were already planning to give someone flowers, this is a fun, quirky, customizable alternative to the typical dozen roses.

diy floral 4



1. Wrap the aluminum foil around the paper maché cone.

diy floral 5

2. Cut the foil cone to be slightly smaller than the paper maché cone. Pinch and fold over the bottom of the foil cone. Place inside the paper maché cone.

diy floral 6

3. Cut a few pieces of the floral foam to mimic the inside of the paper maché cone, but slightly longer.

diy floral 7

4. Fit the floral foam pieces inside the cone, and slightly push in the corner to mimic the look of an ice cream cone. Remove the floral foam pieces, then soak in water. Then, place back into the paper maché cone.

diy floral 8

5. Cut the rose stems to be about 1 ½” long.

diy floral 9

6. Stick the cut roses inside the floral foam. Start at the outer rim and fill in the center area.

diy floral 10

diy floral 3

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