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DIY Fringe Straw Bag

Accessories, DIY  /   /  By Aimee Santos

Our DIY blogger is Aimee Santos from Swellmayde, one of the best maker blogs we know.

Summer is my favorite season. Every summer my love for straw bags returns.  They instantly give your outfit a summery 70’s feel, which is perfect for outdoor activities, from spending a day at the beach to shopping at a farmer’s market.  Try and give your straw bag a fun and playful touch by adding a variety of decorative trim and colorful fringe.

8 7 diy 6


Steps: 1. Cut the first decorative trim to be the same length as the bag. Glue onto the bag about 1 ½” below the top of the bag.

8 7 diy 7

2. Cut the fringe to be the same length as the outer edge of the bag (as photo’ed). Glue the fringe onto the bag.

8 7 diy 8

3. Cut the 2nd decorative trim to be the same length as the fringe. Glue on top of the inner edge of the fringe (as photo’ed).

8 7 diy 9

4. Let fully dry overnight.

8 7 diy 2

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