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DIY Fur Slip-Ons

Accessories, DIY, Featured  /   /  By Aimee Santos

When I spotted the Gucci fur-lined loafers on the Fall 2015 runway show, I was immediately obsessed. They are so chic, and the fur contrast gives them a playful touch. Unfortunately, these beauties also come with a very high price tag. For trendier pieces like these, I love to turn to DIY so I don’t have to break the bank.

1 15 diy slipons 5



1. Using the gardening shears, cut the back half of the shoes (as photo’ed).

1 15 diy slipons 6

2. Repeat for the other shoe.

1 15 diy slipons 7

3. Trace around the bottom of the shoe. This will be your paper pattern for the fur.

1 15 diy slipons 8

4. Cut out your paper pattern. Place the paper pattern onto the fur and cut 2 pieces this exact shape. Glue the fur piece on the inside of each shoe (as photo’ed). Let fully dry.

1 15 diy slipons 9

1 15 diy slipons 4

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