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DIY Graduation Caps, 2 Ways

Accessories, DIY, Featured  /   /  By Aimee Santos

I remember during my college graduation, it was quite entertaining to see how each student personalized their graduation cap. So many of them were extremely fun and creative! With graduations just around the corner, I was inspired to come up with two different DIY’s to help any future grad stand out in a sea of black caps. Hope you enjoy!!

DIY Flower Crown Graduation Cap

4 27 floral cap 3



1. Wrap the flower vine into a circle. Make sure the circumference is the same size as your head. You want the flower crown to rest comfortably on your head.

4 27 floral cap 4

2. Once you get the size right, wrap the flower vine around a second time.

4 27 floral cap 5

3. Trim any excess length off the flower vine, then wrap the ends with floral tape to secure them in place. (Note that stretching the floral tape exposes the stickiness which helps.)

4 27 floral cap 6

4. Wrap the floral tape in 2 other places on the flower crown to keep it even more secure.

4 27 floral cap 7

5. Remove a few of the leaves and flowers.

4 27 floral cap 8

6. Replace with flowers from the second bundle to add a different color to your crown.

4 27 floral cap 9

7. Continue adding flowers to give it a whimsical, colorful look. It is optional to glue the flower crown in place on your cap using the glue gun.

4 27 floral cap 10

4 27 floral cap 2

DIY Painted and Studded Graduation Cap

4 27 grad cap 4

4 27 grad cap 1



1. Place the adhesive silkscreen on the top of the graduation cap.

4 27 grad cap 5

2. Add a light coat of paint on top of the adhesive silkscreen.

4 27 grad cap 6

3. Pull off adhesive, while paint is still wet.

4 27 grad cap 7

4. Let paint fully dry, then begin decorating the rest of the graduation cap with the stud and rhinestone stickers.

4 27 grad cap 8

4 27 grad cap 2

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