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DIY Surf Spray

Beauty, DIY  /   /  By Aimee Santos

Our DIY blogger is Aimee Santos from Swellmayde, one of the best maker blogs we know.

I love beach hair. The combination of salt, sand and the sea air create a perfectly tousled coif, something I try to recreate in my daily hair routine. Unfortunately, going to the beach everyday doesn’t fit in everyone’s work schedule. This DIY Surf Spray is next best thing to help achieve the look.  The steps are simple and can be easily made at home. Try using this DIY Surf Spray in combination with Style Stories’ beachy hair how-to.

diy surf spray 3


– 1 tsp of sea salt

– 3 tbsp of leave in conditioner

– 2 tsp of water based pomade

– 1 tsp coconut oil

– 1 cup of hot water

spray bottle


1. Pour the hot water in the spray bottle. Then, add the rest of the ingredients.

diy surf spray 5

2. Shake well. Let it cool down. Then follow Style Stories’ beachy hair how-to.

diy surf spray

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