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DIY Step-Hem Jeans

Apparel, DIY, Featured  /   /  By Aimee Santos

My first job in the fashion industry was as a denim designer, so I have a special place in my heart for a great pair of jeans. I love that denim is such a great canvas for DIY projects—you can really give it a personal touch. Lately, I have been seeing the raw-edge, uneven-hem denim trend on many of my favorite street style blogs. It inspired me to create this tutorial to show how easy it is to get this look on your own.

5 20 diy denim 1



1. Cut the hem off both jean legs, just above the original seam. Then turn your jeans inside out.

5 20 diy denim 2

2. Using a ruler, draw a straight line 2 inches above the cut edge on the front side of your jeans. It’s easiest to do both legs at the same time.

5 20 diy denim 3

3. Using a seam ripper or small scissors, split the side seams open up to the drawn line(s).

5 20 diy denim 4

4. Cut along the drawn line(s) on the front panel of your jeans. (Be sure not to cut the back panel of your jeans in the process.)

5 20 diy denim 5

5. Using a needle and thread, tack the side seams to ensure that they will not unravel further.

5 20 diy denim 6

6. Throw the jeans in the washing machine and dryer. Once dry, cut any longer loose threads or fibers from the softly frayed jean hem.

5 20 diy denim 7

5 20 diy jeans

5 20 diy denim 9

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