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eBay 101: Mobile Selling Tips

Style News  /   /  By Nina Louie
seller tips from centurymom CenturyMom (aka Elizabeth Frogel) is a girl on-the-go. Between raising her daughter, writing Charlie Girl children’s books based on the life of her poodle, and navigating the the hustle-bustle of NYC, she lives a very full life. It almost seems a miracle that she has time to run an eBay consignment shop—especially one with such great looking listings! So we asked her to share her best tips for selling success, and the best part is they’re so easy:
  1. Save price tags, designer tags, dust bags, and receipts for high-end purchases. Make it easy, just throw them in a shoe box. No need to organize, you’ll find what you need when you need it!
  2. Always save dustbags and when possible, shoe boxes if you have the storage. Put any authenticity cards in a safe place where you’ll remember to find them.
  3. If you think you are “over” a piece, or bought an item that might not work out, sell it sooner rather than later! The more current the piece, the more $ it will fetch. At least you can recoup a percentage of your original investment!
  4. Shop in your own closet and don’t be afraid to edit, edit, edit! Keeping things simple will make looking good a breeze.
Her other secrets of the trade? Photograph items in a fashionable setting. We love the way her fabulous apartment is the backdrop for most of her garment photos; and for smaller accessories, she lays them on fashion magazines to lend them a glamorous air. And last but not least, use mobile. Elizabeth swears by the eBay mobile app, using it all day, every day to monitor her auctions and sales while on the run. This is where the tags come in handy, too—when you’re ready to sell something, scan your item’s bar code, and the app fills out the rest! Inspired yet? Get on your phone and sell something today! The best part is earning enough to buy something new!
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