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DIY Fashion Icon Halloween Costumes

Apparel, DIY  /   /  By Nina Louie

For so many of us, putting together a Halloween costume is a competitive event. It’s a chance to unleash your creativity, flaunt your wit—and look hot while you’re at it! So why not do it all by dressing like your favorite fashion icon? It’s not every day that you can justify wearing a slip dress, Converse, and a faux fur stole to imitate Kate Moss. Or, rock a high-collared shirt, fingerless gloves, and wraparound sunglasses to channel Karl Lagerfeld. Read our guide on How to Dress Like Your Favorite Fashion Icon for Halloween to transform into a famous fashion muse in minutes. OK, maybe hours. But nothing beats a DIY costume—that’s a fact! Don’t forget to tell us how yours turns out and share your own costume tips and ideas in the comments below.

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