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Gift It! The Men’s Edition

Accessories, Fashion Finds, Listings We Love  /   /  By Nina Louie

The pressure’s on to find him the perfect gift—after all, you’re expecting nothing less from him! Here are a few ideas that have been home runs for us in the past. Six sure-to-please gifts for the guy in your life.

1. A baseball signed by Willie Mays. Or the equivalent for his favorite game. There’s something special about giving someone a true treasure—a thing just to have and to hold. It won’t serve a purpose or inspire a new hobby. You might not even see it that often. But it will mean something to him. He’ll keep it, marvel at it, check its worth on eBay, bring it out at dinner parties, and just generally treasure it. That’s a great gift.

2. A new uniform. Maybe he hates shopping. Maybe you wish he’d update his look. Either way, this idea is a winner: get him a go-anywhere outfit—one that will work for the movies or for a couples’ brunch. He will thank you for doing the dirty work, and you will love what you see. Levi’sButton-upHoodieConverse. Done.

3. A cooler-than-usual wallet or money clip. This is the kind of gift that lasts a lifetime. Ten years from now, you’ll be sitting beside him he’ll pull the thing out to buy you lunch. In this way, it’s quite romantic. But he won’t necessarily know that. He’ll just dig whatever it is that’s unique about it. So choose something distinctive, or get it engraved. Make it anything but ordinary.

4. New sneakers. If he’s already a sneakerhead, he’ll love them (or resell them and get the pair he really wants). And if he’s not so much into sneakers, this is still a fun idea. Fresh kicks can really take a guy’s style up a notch. To make things more interesting, consider gifting him a few pairs and turning him on to our new Collectible Sneaker Shop. Sneakers are the new baseball cards. Ready, set, buy, trade, sell!

5. A new iPhoneOr a tablet all his own. You probably already thought of this. And maybe you resisted the idea in hopes of finding something more personal. We don’t blame you—but we do give you permission to go with a tech gift if it would really please the guy. Maybe a new iPad means he can catch NBA playoffs while you watch The Bachelor. Maybe that would mean a lot to him.

6. His dream car. Just throwing it out there. We know, we know—sounds outlandish—but don’t forget that vintage models can cost a lot less than new cars these days. He’d probably settle for a fixer-upper that he could baby and nurse back to just-like-new over the course of years, rebuilding this and refurbishing that. This is the gift of a project—a labor of love. If you think that’s up his ally, it’s worth a quick search to see what it would cost, no? Because the dream car moment is pretty priceless.

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