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Happy 20th Anniversary, Clueless!

Apparel, Most Wanted, What's Trending  /   /  By Sarah Wetmore

We were about eight years old in July 1995 when our lives were forever changed by one argyle clad soon to be sweet sixteen girl’s journey towards self-discovery.

In the third grade, we were relatively clueless about fashion and the opposite sex. Luckily enough for us, we had the girl with the permanently blown out blond hair to show us the way, including the dream closet that’s still out of our reach. (Hello, it’s 2015! How has this technology not been invented yet?) Like the older, cooler, albeit not perfect, big sister we idolized her as, Cher showed us the importance of never letting a guy break the bonds of sisterhood, failproof ways for picking out date night outfits (never trust a mirror; always take photos), how to say no to unwanted attention from total creeps (Uber to the rescue!), where to go when we’re feeling totally out of control (sorry for the workout, credit card!), and what to do when we realize we’re in love with our ex-stepbrother (Ok, maybe not the last one, as that’s not the most relatable scenario, but you get the idea).

7 15 clueless pics

With Cher as our spirit guide (or one of, since we discovered Beyonce), we’ve made it through the past 20 years pretty all right. We remembered never to accept a first offer (we see great minds think alike, as you’re reading this on eBay right now), as well as the most discrete way to reference Aunt Flo (leave it to Cher to make “Surfing the Crimson Wave” sound chic).

7 15 clueless 3

Though we’d rather leave Diet Coke addictions in the past (Have you seen Fed Up, yet?), along with headbands and tank tops layered over t-shirts, we’re glad some of Cher’s favorite styles have endured and actually made a massive comeback this season, including crop tops, mini backpacks, and slip dresses.

7 15 clueless

So tie a flannel shirt around your waist and raise a glass of champagne to join us as we wish Clueless a very groovy 20th anniversary!

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