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How to Dress Like Your Favorite 2015 Fashion Icons for Halloween

Apparel, DIY  /   /  By Sarah Wetmore

Even the boldest dressers know there’s a line between cutting edge and costume-y. The latter could land us on a don’t list, and therefore we reserve our most outlandish and most daring #OOTDs for the one day of the year when everyone’s encouraged to let their spirit animals out into broad daylight and make a statement worth a thousand double taps. That day is Halloween, of course! We wait all year to bust out our glue guns and go all DIY on our favorite fashion moments of the year. Here are five DIY costume ideas inspired by the style icons we’ve been watching (and waiting to style-jack) all year.

1. Kylie Jenner

With nearly 39 million Instagram followers, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has proven that her selfie game is on fleek. For one day, we can’t resist the urge to press on long squared grayish nails, affix a mint green wig, glue on the longest false lashes we can get our hands on, and of course, add wax lips. All you’ve got to do to bump up the convincing factor is slip into something tight enough to show off ALL of your curves, lace up over the knee boots, and walk with phone in hand pretending to hide from paparazzi.

2. The Chanels from Scream Queens

What’s more seasonally on point than a serial murderer-themed costume! If you’ve tuned into Scream Queens, welcome to the obsession, and join us in our quest to replicate Chanel’s killer style this Halloween. Emma Roberts nails a narcissistic sorority girl with a seriously covetable closet in this breakout series, and her girl gang of Chanels, complete with Chanel #3 and Chanel #5, are the perfect accessories to complete the costume. Pull out your pastels, faux fur, pearls, fingerless gloves, and anything quilted or featuring ostrich feathers. Don’t forget to find coordinating earmuffs for one of your backup Chanels!

3. Fashion Week Street Style Stars

We recently returned from New York Fashion Week with loads of street style photos, so Style Stories is your first stop for inspiration for this costume. To pull this look off, you know it’s all about your accessories. Make sure your bag, shoes, or headpiece are loud enough to warrant turning heads of photographer passersby. Got a girlfriend who’s as amped about this costume idea as you are? Imitate Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland by grabbing faux leather jackets and DIYing one half of the “Best Friends” jagged heart on each jacket—you know, like the plastic necklaces you used to wear that spelled this out when you put them together. Slip into matching blonde wigs, pencil skirts, and heels, and you’ve got one costume that’s truly going to score points with fashion insiders.

4. Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé in the “Feeling Myself” Video

Warning! Do not attempt this BFF costume if you can’t muster the attitude it’ll take to rock this look. If you can’t confidently walk into a room like you run it, and the world while you’re at it, then sit this one out. If you’re game (and honestly have just been looking for an opportunity to walk in Queen Bey’s shoes for one day), then this costume’s for you and your BFF. Start with a one-piece swimsuit (jersey or Barbie-themed) and find a pink faux fur coat and some seriously statement gold earrings. Maybe the best part of this costume is the fact that you can pick up drive-through on your way to the Halloween party you’re headed to and nosh on burgers with your bestie while you toss fries into each other’s mouths in between body rolls. We’re feeling that!

5. Socality Barbie

Did you catch hipster Barbie’s Instagram debut? She’s an adventuring Pacific Northwest glasses wearing, latte sipping, bubble bath soaking, hammock lounging, ice cream cone holding plastic version of every girl on Instagram who’d like us to believe she’s living a more glamorous life than the rest of us (and with over one million followers, she’s got the street cred to prove it). For this costume, grab oversized black-rimmed glasses, anything red buffalo plaid, a beanie, dark skinny jeans, boots that would never actually be practical for a trail, and a minimalist backpack. Travel and pose a little bit more stiff than normal and try not to change your facial expression all night. Above all else, prepare to live (and shamelessly share) your most authentic life (for one night at least).

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