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Janina Angel Bath

Owner, The Tarot Woman Vintage Boutique
What she’s wearing:
Bandeau top, Indian cotton pants, handmade jade necklace, vintage Bakelite bracelets, vintage gold armband Hometown:   Chicago, IL
Describe your style:  
Mystical and bohemian.
Latest obsession:  
Vintage Indian cotton fabric, dresses, skirts, pants…
Your saved eBay search words:  
Egyptian, Indian, vintage bohemian.
Who is your style icon?  
Next on your must-buy list:  
Lonely lingerie.
Favorite eBay find ever:  
A black rainbow sweater with hood from Sisters of the Black Moon.
You collect…
Native American flutes and vintage jewelry.
What’s at the top of your wish list?  

Zodiac shoes by Charlotte Olympia.

What’s the eBay item that got away?  

A 1930s garden dress.

Whose closet would you raid?  

A vintage hoarder from the sixties.

Dream getaway:  

The Egyptian pyramids.

Favorite gift you ever gave:

I gave my best friend a bottle of Versace Blonde in the ‘90s.

What you wish would show up on eBay:  

A crystal necklace by Alex & Lee.

Song most played on your iPod:

“Curious Crystals of Unusual Purity” by Bridget St. John.

Favorite city to shop in:  

Paris (but I haven’t been there yet)!

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