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Jauretsi Saizarbitoria

Persons of Interest, Storytellers  /   /  By Roxanne Fequiere
Curator, The Inside Source
What she’s wearing:
Green army jacket, gray v-neck t-shirt, black fringe miniskirt, silver pumps
Miami Beach, FL
Describe your style:
Carmen meets urban.
Latest obsession:
Hermès ashtrays.
Any beauty secrets?
Your saved eBay search words:
Miu Miu pumps, Cuban film posters.
Who is your style icon?
Daphne Guinness.
Next on your must-buy list:
A cocoon coat in charcoal tweed by Isabel Marant.
Favorite eBay find ever:
French linens from the Basque region.
You collect…
Pendleton blankets.
What’s at the top of your wish list?

A vintage Bauman mannequin.

What’s the eBay item that got away?

An Aztec vintage coat.

Whose closet would you raid?

Alexa Chung.

Guilty pleasure:

Ice cream sandwiches.

Dream getaway:


Favorite gift you ever gave:

A series of Polaroid photo albums customized for various friends documenting a special day.

What you wish would show up on eBay:

A bronze bust of José Martí.

Song most played on your iPod:

It’s a tie between “California Soul” by Marlena Shaw and “He Venido” by Los Zafiros.

Favorite city to shop in:

New York. Thank God it’s my home!

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