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Julian Goldklang

Persons of Interest, Storytellers  /   /  By Roxanne Fequiere

Owner, Mid Century Mobler

 What he’s wearing:

Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses (fitted with prescription lenses), Ben Sherman button-down, Penfield coat, Levi’s 510s, Lacoste Sevrin sneakers


Mill Valley, CA

 Describe your style:

In my younger years, I progressed from grunge to punk in high school (studded everything and a two-foot-tall Mohawk) to rockabilly in college. I think my current style is an homage to my former self, but a bit more mature and timeless.

 How do you translate your look from the workplace to the weekend?

I own a mid-century furniture shop that’s open on the weekends. I try to find a balance between business casual and function—there’s always furniture to carry and pieces to oil.

Latest obsession:

My constant obsession will always be mid-century something, but I do go through a lot of little obsessions withing that genre. Right now, they’re probably space age record players, Mangiadischi (portable Italian 45 players from that late 1960s) and 1950s table lamps by Majestic.

Your saved eBay search words:

1958 DeSotoAdrian Pearsallspace age record player.

Who are your style icons?

No one in particular, but I appreciate 1960s English mods.

Next on your must-buy list:

A vintage leather camera bag.

What’s at the top of your wish list?

A 1958 DeSoto two-door Firedome.

What’s one piece you plan to keep forever?

A 1950s deadstock college sweater. It had never been worn when I got it, and is still in near mint condition.

What can’t you see yourself wearing, ever?

Open-toed sandals.

Favorite eBay find:

An early 1960s wingback chair by Adrian Pearsall..

You collect…

Vintage record players, mid-century furniture, and memorabilia from the 1939 World’s Fair.

Dream getaway:

The Maldives and/or Bora Bora.

Song most played on your iPod:

“Be My Baby” by The Ronettes.

Favorite city to shop in:


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