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Marc Virata

Persons of Interest, Storytellers  /   /  By Roxanne Fequiere


*What he’s wearing:

Perry Ellis button-down, Levi’s pants, H&M jacket, vintage belt, Seiko watch


Bahrain/San Francisco, CA

Describe your style:

Classic, unfussy, utilitarian.

How do you translate your look from the workplace to the weekend?

My uniform is a well-fitted t-shirt and chinos or jeans. I layer knits or button-downs and may swap out a watch or finish with a lightweight coat.

Your saved eBay search words:

Vintage automatic watch, military surplus, leather scraps.

Who is your style icon?

Hmmm, not really sure I have one in particular. I can certainly appreciate 1960s-era Michael Caine, a late 1970s Joe Strummer, and Ian Curtis.

Next on your must-buy list:

Leather camera satchel and a replacement for an old pair of driving gloves.

What’s at the top of your wish list?

A 1973 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe. Understated design, yet fussy. It needs constant attention.

What’s one piece you plan to keep forever?

My father’s military-issue Chelsea slip-on boots. I will resole them until they crumble.

Favorite eBay find:

Surplus lace-up ankle boots.

What can’t you see yourself wearing, ever?

Z. Cavaricci pants, layered polo shirts, a fauxhawk, and any subsidiary of Christian Audigier.

You collect…

Mechanical tools and objects—watches, staplers, writing utensils…

Dream getaway:

Currently–a month in either Bali, Indonesia, Portofino, Italy, or Santorini, Greece.

Song most played on your iPod:

“Cold Blooded Old Times” by Smog and “Kaputt” by Destroyer.

Favorite city to shop in:

I do most of my shopping online now, but I love stumbling across a secondhand shop in small towns, flea markets, and antique fairs. I’ve enjoyed exploring the outdoor markets in Florence, Hong Kong, and Paris.

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