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Spied on the Street: Color Clash

Persons of Interest, Street Style  /   /  By Nina Louie

Peachy brocade pants, mustard layers, a floral handbag, and pure white oxfords. There’s nothing saying this look should work—but it does. In fact, it’s all so unlikely to go together it makes us wonder how she got there. Do you think she dresses in front of the mirror and just plays with shapes and colors as she goes? Is that what you do? A few years back, that’s exactly how we dressed… But we no longer devote that kind of time to dressing in the morning. It could be we’re busier; or maybe we’ve come to know ourselves better. We’re better at anticipating what will feel right. Better at visualizing the outfit we want to wear… But, oh, look what we’re missing. She’s enough to inspire us to get up earlier—to break up with our uniforms, and make time to surprise ourselves.

10 21 street style 1

10 21 street style 5

10 21 street style 3

10 21 street style 4

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