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Wanted: Flattering Sunglasses

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It really is this simple: if you can figure out your face shape, you can find super flattering sunglasses. Read our guidelines, check out our real-people examples, and the next pair you purchase will be a winner—we promise.

Step 1: Look in the mirror and try to be objective.

To understand your face shape, study your jawline in relation to your forehead. Which one is wider—or are they proportionate? Are the contours of your face (your jaw, your chin) soft or square? Once you know which part of your face is narrowest, which is widest, and whether you see more straight lines or curves, you’re ready to find your fit:

Oval face. If your face has balanced proportions, like a narrow forehead and jaw, with soft lines and maybe even high cheekbones, you have w0n the sunglasses lottery. You look good in any shape! Aviators, oversized, round, rectangular, cat-eye—the list goes on, and there’s nothing you can’t pull off. So have fun with it. Shades should be a thing for you. Start a collection.

Square face. If your face is proportionate, much like an oval, but with a defined jaw and square chin, round sunglasses will highlight your best features. Cat eye and aviator styles will also work well for you, adding complementary curves into the mix. Skip straight-lined square and rectangular styles to avoid angle overload.

Round face. If your face is all curves and no angles, with an equal width and length—avoid glasses with round features. Stick to square, rectangular, or wayfarer styles. But keep in mind that oversized and butterfly glasses are another flattering option; look for styles that sit high on the temple to add lift to your eye area.

Heart-shaped face. If you have a wide forehead and a narrow jaw line and chin, you’ll look most fabulous in cat-eye glasses—or any style that’s not straight across the top. Slanted lines will shift attention downward helping to balance and elongate the face. Good back-ups include round, aviator, and wayfarer styles.

Step 2: See a few face shapes + sunglasses in action.

Scroll through our street style pics for real-life examples of what works. Maybe the frames you’re usually drawn to look best on a totally different face shape. Or maybe you’ve never tried the style we think would suit you best! Check these looks for inspiration.

aviator sunglasses on ebay

Aviators on an oval face (left), and square face (right).

wayfarers on ebay

Round glasses on an oval face (left), and square face (right).

wayfarers on ebay

Wayfarers on a heart-shaped face (left), and oval face (right).

cat eye sunglasses on ebay

Cat eye glasses on a square face (left), and oval face (right).

round sunglasses on ebay

Round glasses on square faces (left and right).

6 squares

Square glasses on oval faces (left and right).

cat eye sunglasses on ebay

Cat-eye glasses on a square face (left), and oval face (right).

wayfarers on ebay

Wayfarers on a heart-shaped face (left), and oval face (right).

Happy sunglass shopping!

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One Comment
  1. Cliff April 22, 2015 at 7:56 AM

    You don’t mention pointed oval shapes. I have a long, squarish face (and ‘prominent’ ears I should add) and everyone says I look best in “insect eye” glasses.

    Ovals with more pointed than rounded ends, either with the long axis of the oval level (horizontal) or sloped slightly downward toward the outside of the face seem to work best. If the ovals tilt up toward the temple they don’t work, it overemphasizes the already long vertical line of the face.

    I’ve been told I look like a bee wearing my yellow mirrored ovals. (I’ve asked, and it is meant as a compliment!)

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