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René Garcia, Jr.

Persons of Interest, Storytellers  /   /  By Roxanne Fequiere


*What he’s wearing:

Plaid button-down, Dockers Alpha Khaki pants, Paul Smith shoes, Levi’s trucker jacket, Ponte Rialto hat


San Francisco, CA

Describe your style:

My casual looks tend to favor the ‘60s and ‘70s leisure set. Cabana sets are essential for warm weather, and one can never own too many jumpsuits for the cooler days. On fancy occasions, I dress a bit like Mickey Mouse when he's stepping out: boater hat, striped blazers, and saddle shoes. If only I could sing barbershop...

How do you translate your look from the workplace to the weekend?

I tend to look like a hobo covered in glitter while I'm working, so I try to overcompensate and put on a good look when I know I'm stepping out. Still, the unfortunate truth is that I probably look like a hobo ninety percent of the time.

Latest obsession:

Matching cabana set swimwear.

Your saved eBay search words:

Cabana set, vintage jumpsuit, vintage NASAsaddle shoesorange leather.

Who is your style icon?

Evel Knievel, Mickey Mouse circa 1941, and anyone in the BMX gang from E.T. I don’t have enough panache to say it’s Cary Grant.

Next on your must-buy list:

A vintage Budweiser terry cloth men’s towel skirt and matching terry cabana shirt.

What’s at the top of your wish list?

A 1960s-era Formula 1 racing suit.

What’s one piece you plan to keep forever?

A Levi’s denim trucker jacket.

What can’t you see yourself wearing, ever?

Tommy Bahama.

Favorite eBay find:

A full leather reproduction of a Evel Knievel jumpsuit.

You collect…

Art books, jumpsuits, View-Master 3D reels, vintage Turkish adult movie posters, ice cream truck decals, bootleg toys with bad packaging.

Dream getaway:

The ISS.

Song most played on your iPod:

“Rollin’ On Chrome” by Aphrodelics.

Favorite city to shop in:


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