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Rhiannon Smith & Victor Obeck

Persons of Interest, Storytellers  /   /  By Roxanne Fequiere
Floral Designer; Property Manager  
What they’re wearing:
On Rhiannon: Madewell dress, Gap denim vest, J.Crew belt, Hue tights On Victor: Vans jacket, blue striped tee, Levi khakis  
Rhiannon & Victor: San Francisco, CA
Describe your style:
Rhiannon: Eclectic. I like to mix a variety of elements, from punk to refined. Victor: Timeless, yet modern.
Latest obsession:
Rhiannon: Photography. Victor: Cooking.
Your saved eBay search words:
Rhiannon: Madewell, Saint James. Victor: Saturdays Surf NYC, Persol sunglasses, Levi's 511.
Who are your style icons?
Rhiannon: My friends and the many stylish people I see on the street. Victor: Steve McQueen.
Next on your must-buy list:
Rhiannon: I've been looking for an oversize men’s chambray shirt for a DIY dress project. Victor: A Masonic watch.
Favorite eBay find ever:
Rhiannon: A vintage denim jacket. Victor: Ray-Ban Wayfarers that were a real steal.
You collect…
Rhiannon: Pottery and vases. Victor: Antique stereographs.
What’s at the top of your wish list?

Rhiannon: A 3-speed bicycle.
Victor: A vintage California state flag.

What’s the eBay item that got away?

Rhiannon: A super cute pair of leather hiking boots.
Victor: A Filson duffle bag.

Whose closet would you raid?

Rhiannon: Alexa Chung!
Victor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He looks about my size.

Guilty pleasure:

Rhiannon: Licorice.
Victor: Nicolas Cage films.

Dream getaway:

Rhiannon: My husband and I are currently saving up for a trip to India.

Victor: A sail boat excursion in the Caribbean.


Favorite gift you ever received:

Rhiannon: Mixtapes from my friends.
Victor: I once gave my wife the world—OK, it was just a globe.

What you wish would show up on eBay:

Rhiannon: The perfect San Francisco apartment.
Victor: A time machine.

Song most played on your iPod:

Rhiannon: Currently, “Human” by DIIV.
Victor: Tim Sweeney’s best of the year podcast.

Favorite city to shop in:

Rhiannon: Los Angeles, for the Rose Bowl Flea Market!
Victor: San Francisco.

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