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Shoe of the Week: Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker

The “ugly” sneaker trend has been creeping onto the horizon for some time now, and when Balenciaga released their chunky, thick-soled Triple S Sneakers, the fashion world went nuts. Everyone from Bella Hadid to Parsons students were quick to pounce on a pair.

What’s a fashion gal to do? Head in store, but it’s sold out. Shop online? You guessed it—sold out (and in many cases, so sold out there’s a waitlist to get on the waitlist). With your head hung low, you leave empty handed.

The thick-soled sneaker trend is clearly not dying down anytime soon. With the recent release of Louis Vuitton’s iteration of the trend, and new Yeezy’s on the way, this ugly sneaker has some sersious staying power.

The only problem is: How on earth do you get your hands on the most coveted Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker? With such high demand around the world, landing a new pair of these dad-inspired kicks is nearly impossible.

Your only hope is eBay. With the biggest selection of Balenciaga Triple S available, shop today and step into the most popular shoe of the year.

We know you want to! (Also, peep more shoes this way.)

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