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Spied on the Street: How to Wear All Black in the Heat

Hot summer nights in New York City? Downright magical. Hot summer mornings? Fuhgettaboutit! Maybe you’re familiar with those east coast days when you step outside and ask yourself, futilely, “Why did I even bother showering today?” Or when you’ve found yourself laser-focused on locating a corner drugstore simply to take advantage of their air conditioning for 60 seconds while futilely (again!) performing triage on the melting candle that is your full-face of makeup? If you’ve fallen prey to this kind of heat, you know how critical it is to suit oneself in armor able to withstand summers in the city. Here’s a look we’re thinking is a solution to this very conundrum.

We don’t have a single problem with a monochromatic palette. Black is, after all, a beloved uniform of the Big Apple (and such a timesaver when you can’t decide what to wear in the morning). The low, middle-parted ponytail is a smart solve to keep stray strands off your face. And her floaty sleeveless top? A no-brainer—we wish we were wearing it right now!

There’s no better way to ensure proper ventilation than slipping on a leather mini skirt. But first, a quick word on leather: don’t skimp on fabric quality. We had to learn the hard way that polyurethane faux leather does not fare well in the heat.

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