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Spied on the Street: Sending a Message

The average attention span today is eight seconds, and in our opinion, we simply can’t waste any time declaring what we’re about and what we’re looking for. Short of carrying around a protest poster, the only real estate we’re left with to summarize our agenda—in less than 140 characters—may very well be our shirts (and our fashionable shoes, as you can see below). 

The trending “talking” fashion we choose makes it effortless to share our viewpoints with strangers, who can digest what makes us tick in under three seconds. 

Maybe it’s because we simply cannot be silent in this day and socio-political climate, but it seems more efficient to read each other’s t-shirts than to have an actual—dun dun dun!—conversation.

However you choose to slice it, whether lazy or the ultimate form of efficient communication, slogan fashion is here to stay, and we’re here for it.

(Psst. What’s the message behind…dad sneakers?)

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