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Spotlight On: eBay x Stadium Goods

Featured, Sneaker Picks  /   /  By Sarah Wetmore

We’ve got exciting news for you sneakerheads! We’re teaming up with Stadium Goods, footwear space expert and kicks consignment industry leader to bring you a massive amount of highly sought after sneaker merchandise. This exclusive US partnership means an enormous influx of authentic and rare one-offs and super exclusive joints. Alongside partner Jed Stiller and friend Yu-Ming Wu from SneakerNews, Stadium Goods founder John McPheters is thrilled to provide “the right consumer experiences from the moment someone walks in our door, logs onto our site, or bids on our eBay listings…they will feel good about the sneakers they’re purchasing.”


We chatted with John about the pair of shoes he fell in love with in the ‘90s that ignited an insatiable hunger for the game, the “joy of the chase,” the rarest pair that ever entered his store, and which kicks he’s asking Santa for this year. But before you book a ticket to New York City to gaze at the Yeezys, Air Mags, OVO Jordans, and Supreme Foamposites in John’s trophy case, take a minute sitting right there to get to know the man who’s changing sneaker culture as we know it.

How did you develop a love of sneakers?

I’m a New York City native, born and bred, and for city kids like me, an awareness of sneakers is second nature, like memorizing the subway map. Back in the ‘90s, I remember falling in love with the original Nike Bo Jacksons. They were white, purple and orange.  That was the gateway drug. From then on, I was obsessed. Like most kids my age, I was only allowed one pair at a time, but getting fresh new kicks was my daily aspiration. Who’d have guessed that same passion for sneakers would end up being part of my daily grind as an adult.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own? And how many get worn?

Personally, I wear everything I own. So there are about 20 pairs that I keep in rotation, including some favorite styles that I keep replacing.  My wife and I have a 6-month old baby boy at home and as you can imagine, New York City closet space is an endangered resource. So if I do bring home a new pair of sneakers, my wife isn’t always thrilled. Our compromise is “one in, one out”…so the outbound pair gets donated. But I definitely sneak a special pair into the house whenever I can.

Which is the rarest sneaker you own?

I have a pair of the Eminem x Carhartt Jordan IVs.  A gift from some great folks who love the sneaker culture too. They were never released publicly so they’re very special to me.  These are on ice right now but one day when the time is right, I’m definitely going to wear them.

Which is your favorite pair that you own?

My favorite pair is the classic Air Jordan 3 Retro’s in Black/Cement.  Depending on the day, my answer might change, but that’s my favorite pair right now. The thing about a classic pair of Jordans is that no other shoe grows with you like this…the same style that you wished for as a kid, treasured as a teen, and wore to death as a young man still pulls together your casual outfit as an adult. I already have a pair ready for my son.

What is the sneaker you’ve hunted the hardest for?

Back in the days, runners were all I cared about. I still remember going to Europe in the early 2000s and scouring the streets for special edition Nike Air Max sneakers.  Back then, sneakers were being released in exclusive styles to different countries, so you could really find gems. Nike Air Max 95s and 97s were my favorites, and I went to incredible lengths to find them in European stores like JD Sports, Foot Locker Europe and small independent shops.

Which sneaker is in the highest demand?

Right now the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Moonrock” release is the hottest ticket in town.  Whether it’s fans analyzing every detail, searching for them, or lining up to buy them at any cost, the hype behind the shoe is incredible.

What is Stadium Goods’ authentication process all about?

Our experts who authenticate the sneakers are specialists.  They’ve been doing this for years, and they know exactly what to look for. A huge part of this skill is keeping up to date with the new counterfeiting methods, since they’re getting better all the time. We spend a lot of time educating ourselves to stay on top of things.

What’s the most exciting pair a seller has brought in?

A Nike “What the Doernbecher” Dunk High SB. It’s such a unique sneaker because every piece and angle is different.  They were released only on eBay interestingly enough. We had a rare pair for a few days, but then collector decided they just couldn’t part with it and took it back!


What makes this partnership with eBay unique?

We’re incredibly excited about bringing Stadium Goods to eBay. Up until now, you have eBay sellers that do big business by displaying the right product on eBay, and you have independent consignment shops that have great selections but limited reach.  In our minds, we’re mashing up the models. We are sharing our incredible product selection to the global eBay shoppers, giving them access to thousands of 100% authenticated sneakers. Buyers can feel good about their purchases. But we’re also providing a new level of service to our consignors, expanding their reach. Consignors, who sell with us, will have their products for sale in-store, on and on eBay, all at the same time, without having to manage any of the moving parts. Lastly, customer service is the foundation of our business so we plan to bring that same level of quality to all our eBay transactions.

What do you “watch” on eBay?

I always surf eBay’s sneaker pages to see what’s trending and just in case something hard-to-find pops up.  I’m also a huge car enthusiast, so I live out my dreams on eBay by checking out vintage Ferraris and crazy exotic cars that I’ll never own…they’re all right there on eBay’s automotive pages.

Which is the best pair you ever scored on eBay?

I got a pair of the Supreme x Nike SB Dunk Low “Black Cements” on eBay. I wore them so much they basically fell apart from extensive wear.

What’s on your 2015 holiday wishlist?

If my wife is reading this, I definitely want a pair of Air Jordan 8 Retro’s that are coming out on Black Friday. They’re called the “Aquas”.  I love and need this shoe, and will absolutely get a pair… if I have to buy them off eBay x Stadium Goods myself.

What advice do you have for a sneaker collector who’s just starting out?

Start with what you actually like, and buy things you would actually wear. At times, people get into sneaker collecting too quickly, following someone else’s trend. But if you’re not personally invested in what you’re buying, you’ll never understand the joy of the chase or the camaraderie of fellow collectors. Passion is value.

Shop Stadium Goods on eBay, right here.

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